Grand Final Prize

Cash RM1188

Grand Final 1st Runner Up

Cash RM588

Grand Final Joint 3rd

Cash RM288

Top Team Ranking

Cash RM400

Tpp Ladies

RM 200

Stage Level Champion

Cash RM300 And 200 Credit

Stage 1st Runner Up

Cash RM150 And 100 Credit

Stage Joint 3rd

Cash RM100 and 50 credit

Rules And Regulations

  1. Players must possess a valid VDARTS MEMBER ACCOUNT.
  1. Definition of a valid VDARTS MEMBER ACCOUNT is it must has a valid USERNAME or LOGIN ID, RATING & FLIGHT when playing any x01 or Cricket game in VDARTS Machine. Player’s RATING & FLIGHT will be screened.
  1. Players must always use the same VDARTS MEMBER ACCOUNT registered for the Championship to play in every stages including Grand Final.
  1. Upon registration, players MUST submit their names along with their USERNAME or LOGIN ID to their VDARTS MEMBER ACCOUNT.
  1. It is mandatory for all players to note down their USERNAME or LOGIN ID & PASSWORD. In case they forgotten OR lose their MEMBER CARD, machine will provide the QR CODE for VDARTS APP to scan their account information such as name , rating and flight.
  1. Vulgarities, sexist, humiliating, racist, insulting, offensive, etc words are not allowed to be used for Card Names & Catch Phrases. It is best for players to use their own name as Card Names to show professionalism and good sportsmanship as a darter.
  1. All players have to play with the registered VDARTS MEMBER ACCOUNT or CARD that belong to them. Impersonation is when a player who is registered/not registered in the tournament found using another player’s ACCOUNT or CARD to play in the tournament. The usage of another darter or friend’s VDARTS MEMBER ACCOUNT or Card for this competition is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. It is a very serious offence and clearly an intention to cheat. Organiser reserved the rights to disqualify the player if found guilty. There will be no refund to the player upon disqualification.

   Long Pants/ Jeans with covered shoes. ( No Slippers, Sandals, Singlets, Shorts  and Skirts )

*** Player who does not abide to the above dress code will not be allowed to play in any matches***

Offensive & Abusive Languages

Use of vulgar language demeans the sport, the shop environment, fellow players and overall respect to yourself and the whole championship.  If found guilty, organiser will disqualify with no further questions.

Provocation & Threats

Provocation/ threats/ taunting opponent during the games will also results in offending players and will be disqualify.

Violence and Fights

Use of violence by player(s) will not be tolerated. All player(s) involved in a physical fight, regardless of reason(s), will be disqualify and banned from joining the Ultimate Championship indefinitely.

Slamming or punching the machine/board.

Slamming or punching the board/machine are highly prohibited. Any players found doing so will be disqualify immediately and suspended for the season.

Organiser’s decision is FINAL. Any dissatisfaction or complaints shall be sent through email to [email protected]

Season 2 Players Leaderboard

Rank 1
Connie Goh

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24 Points

Total Points

3 Points

Stage 1

7 Points

Stage 2

7 Points

Stage 3

7 Points

Stage 4

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